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Self care for parents

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Self care is not just for Christmas. This is why I have made the Self Care “Advent” Calendar easily accessible year round to support parents.

When we feel good in ourselves, it is easier to parent in the way we want and feel confident doing so. This also goes for feeling confident in our choices about parenting and other areas of our life.

Self care activities can help us build the foundations we need to have the energy and headspace that give us the best experience possible on our parenting journey. Self care can also be important for our healing journey.

It takes 21 days to form a habit, so why not enjoy 3 bonus days as you focus on your self care for 24 days?

Most importantly, trust your instincts. If a suggested self care activity isn’t for you or you feel that you need something else on a given day, follow your gut. You know what you need best. Doing what feels right for you is perfect.

When I was originally posting this calendar, I had a plan for the posts. That plan went out the window as I tuned into what I needed each day and posted on that topic rather than the one on the schedule.

I am celebrating you so much for making it to Day 24!

To keep focusing on self care, you may want to choose 1 or 2 self care activities to continue prioritising. You might find that one of these activities brings you joy or that it meets a need that isn’t being met for you at the moment.

Whatever you decide, I would love to hear about your self care journey take away. Come share it on the threads on Facebook or Instagram. Others may be inspired by your self care ideas.

If you are still struggling with your self care and want to make a change or you are ready for a transformation in another area of your life, I would love to coach you. Please visit my Transformational Coaching page or contact me at to get started.


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