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Celebrate Yourself – Day 24 of Self Care for Pregnant and New Parents

If you’re already feeling uncomfortable with this suggestion, stick with me. Many of us can find celebrating ourselves difficult.

Maybe we’ve been told that we shouldn’t brag or boast so we feel shameful if we “toot our own horn”. Perhaps, like me, you have a tendency to hide behind the armour of self deprecating humour. Or maybe you discount your successes by saying things like “I got lucky” or “It was successful because so and so helped.” None of these reactions help build our confidence.

To build our confidence, we need to acknowledge and celebrate our achievements. No matter how small you think they are.

Celebrate yourself for making it to Day 24 of this self care journey! And trust that the way that you have shown up on this journey has been perfect for you. Maybe you’ve prioritised self care every day or maybe you’ve dipped in and focused on bits that felt important for you. Thank you all for joining me!

I’m celebrating launching You HAVE Got This and showing up in this space every day even though it terrified me. I’m feeling much more confident as a result. I’m also hugely celebrating making it through my first year as a mum and that we’re all in one piece and thriving.

I would love it if you share your celebrations in the comments below.

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