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How I Will Support You

My approach to support

I offer trauma informed support to everyone. This means that I work with you in a sensitive way that meets your needs. I offer a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore how you’re feeling and what you need.


I also believe in you. And I believe that it is possible for things to change and for you to feel better.  

You are unique so all support is tailored to you

I use a variety of techniques in my work to support you in a way that is right for you.

The main techniques that I use are transformational coaching, TBR 3 Step Rewind (trauma support) and movement. I also draw on my psychological knowledge and experience of working as a mental health and wellbeing practitioner.

Get the support you want

I offer a range of support for parents -  workshops, retreats, group and one-to-one programmes. This offers you the opportunity to choose the support that feels right for you. 

I also offer one-to-one support in all of my programmes to offer you extra support. 

You HAVE got this – even when you feel like you don’t

Even if parenting feels hard just now, you can parent in a way that really works for you and feels good. It is also possible to find parenting fun and joyful – even if it feels a long way off!

You know what you and your family need. Even if you don’t always think that you know.

I look forward to working together to help you claim the parenting experience that you want.

We can talk about what support programme would best meet your needs.

To offer you the best support possible, I combine my experience and knowledge in the areas of:

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Ways I Can Help You



I offer a range of programmes that can help you to feel more ease and joy as a parent.


These programmes will help you to cope better with parenting challenges (including the seemingly never ending to do list). You will also get a more in depth understanding of what makes parenting feel harder or easier. And you will learn how you can take action to enjoy parenting more (even if it feels impossible). 


Each programme includes one-to-one support that is entirely tailored to you. And you can meet a supportive community of mums.

Learn more about how my signature programmes can support you to transform your experience of parenting. 

Retreats for Mums

I feel passionate about mums having space for themselves to rest, be nurtured and recharge.

This is why I offer half day and residential retreats for mums. Mums work hard taking care of everyone else and need a break too. 

These retreats are well-deserved opportunities for you to prioritise your well being and return home feeling refreshed, reenergized, and ready to take on the world.


You will also be able to share all of these benefits with your child who will love reconnecting with a calm, happy mum.

Support Services


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