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Transformational Coaching

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What is transformational coaching?

It is hard to describe a typical coaching session as each one is different. That is the magic of coaching – each session is tailored to you and what you bring each time.

If you have not been coached before, this can feel daunting. But you cannot get this wrong and I will be there to support and guide you through the process.

You just need to come with an open mind and a desire to make a change in your life or gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Transformational coaching is about helping you to understand yourself better, improve your wellbeing and really determine:

  • what you want

  • what is getting in the way of you getting what you want

  • what you are already doing that supports you

  • and what action you need to take to live the life you want.

How coaching can help you

One area that coaching helps is by getting you to think about where your mindset is getting in the way of you being the parent you want to be (or living your life in a way that feels good).

Learning to challenge your unhelpful thoughts or shifting your focus in coaching can help you to take the action needed to change how you feel as a parent. Coaching can also help you identify and overcome past experiences that affect how you feel now. 

I will support you during the coaching process using a variety techniques depending on what is coming up and what feels right for you. 

I will ask targeted questions and pull out key reflections and observations from our discussion. The aim of this is to help you get really clear about what's going on for you and what will help you to change your life. 

How can coaching help you as a parent?

Coaching can be a powerful tool to help you build your confidence in your choices as a parent.


Through coaching, you can also get clear on how other areas of your life and past experiences are affecting how you feel as a parent. 


Coaching can also support you to examine how you are affected by your thinking, beliefs and expectations of yourself and others


When change feels impossible, coaching can help you to find your power and focus on the next steps.

A coach can also help you with accountability to help you stay motivated and take the next steps. 

I talk about how coaching has helped me on my parenting journey below

Coaching with your partner

Coaching sessions (individual or packages) can be attended individually or with a partner. When you attend with a partner, one partner can observe the coaching session. If you are booking a package, partners can decide who will be coached during the session.

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Coaching supported me to make choices that felt good and stay emotionally well during my pregnancy. I was feeling anxious because of previous traumatic experiences of gynaecological care. Coaching was really crucial for helping me to shift my mindset away from worrying about being retraumatised so that I did not become unwell.

Coaching also helped me to really love my first few months as a parent. I’m not saying that becoming a parent was without challenges. And it was a huge transition. But coaching helped me to direct my focus so that I was having the best experience possible during early parenting.


I was able to really focus on the lovely bits and put the tough parts into perspective. And there was space for me to feel the whole range of emotions that I needed to feel when things felt amazing and incredibly difficult. 

Coaching helped me to turn down the volume on unsolicited or unhelpful advice and suggestions. This allowed me to tune into what was right for me and my baby during pregnancy and as a new parent.

Coaching also supported me through some pretty bumpy bits of parenting. When I complained about my maternity care, coaching helped me to feel confident expressing my concerns. It also helped to get clear on what support would help me during the process (including who attended the meeting and the location of the meeting). 


Being coached also helped when we discovered my son’s allergies to wheat, dairy, soy and eggs during weaning. In this situation, coaching helped me to focus on the present moment and identify what we needed in the moment. This stopped me from feeling like everything was spiralling out of control and like feeding my child would be a massive challenge. I felt calmer and more able to advocate for my child and tune into the variety of food options available to us. 

Coaching also helped me build the tools and identify the resources I needed (and still need) to keep parenting in a way that feels right for me going forward. In periods where things have felt tough, particularly while building my business, coaching has been crucial. I have been able to identify my needs and prioritise time for myself even when it has felt impossible. 

During this time, I have felt confident in my decisions and approach and I want you to know that you HAVE got this too! I've also enjoyed being a mom to my wee boy!


What other people have gained from my coaching

“I would highly recommend the coaching sessions with Amanda! Amanda made me feel at ease straight away and was very professional yet warming throughout the session. The main focus was about when, how and what I really wanted to do with regards to returning to work after having a baby. After my session I felt lighter, calmer, clearer and more confident and also excited about what I was going to do. It was like a weight had been lifted."
"Amanda has coached me over recent months and she has supported me powerfully with both personal and business goals. I’m really enjoying the experience and I am taking big steps forward with her support. I can really tell that she listens, to what I say and to my body language, and I really trust her. Amanda has a brilliant ability to bring me back to myself and what I want, when I am unfocused. She also holds beautiful space for me to feel, acknowledge and understand my emotions, and does not rush me. She helps me to question my stories and encourages me to commit to big actions. I’m so excited for what’s next!"
“Amanda was amazing at being able to draw out what was making me hold back from trying a new career path as well as helping me to see my worth. After working with her I found the confidence to start applying for new opportunities and helped me to see beyond the confines of one job title that I kept thinking was all I could do. Amanda’s coaching helped during my job search. I kept thinking about what we covered and felt like I could strive for more.”
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