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Shift Your Thinking – Day 11 of Self Care for Pregnant and New Parents

Sometimes shifting the way we think can be one of the most effective tools we can use when we’re struggling generally or in a specific situation.

Our mindset can play a big role when determining how we feel and what we do.

I’ve recently started running again for the first time since I got pregnant. I had previously been able to run 5K in about 35 minutes. I’ll never be heading to the Olympics but, for me, this was a huge accomplishment.

Despite having done this before, I have been telling myself that I won’t be able to run now as I’m too tired and out of shape after having a baby. And this meant that I kept making excuses about why I couldn’t go running. Which also meant that I was stopping myself from doing something that I know makes me feel really good.

Then I stopped and considered why I want to run and how I’d done this before in coaching. Going for a run felt easier once I’d changed my thoughts so that I was focusing on how great I feel after a run and how I’ve been able to run successfully before.

My run yesterday morning gave me the headspace to come home and lovingly meet the needs of a clingy, teething baby. I also got this beautiful view of Edinburgh from our local beach.

Are your thoughts holding you back from doing the things that make you feel good? Do you have any evidence that challenges these limiting thoughts? What will you choose to focus on when faced with challenging situations so that they feel easier or so that it feels possible to reach your goals?

I sometimes find it helpful to sit and think or journal about these questions to give me a new perspective. Being coached also helps me to go deeper into exploring and overcoming my limiting thoughts. And shifting of thinking can improve our wellbeing in lots of other ways too! Please get in touch if this is something you want to explore in coaching.



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