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Tune In To Music – Day 19 of Self Care for Pregnant and New Parents

Music can boost our mood and help calm stress. It can bring back memories and remind us of loved ones.

Singing, playing, writing or listening to music can bring us enjoyment and speak to our soul.

There are certain songs that I love hearing as they remind me of childhood (especially my mom blasting Rod Stewart so loud that you could hear it halfway down the block). Other songs remind me of particularly great times with friends and important life events. Some songs just make me want to dance. Or they get my wee boy bouncing about which is delightful.

Today, I’m going to listen (and dance with Rhys) to a song called Everything’s Gonna Be Alright by The Babysitters Circus. I danced to this song in Nia classes when I was pregnant. And realised that it calmed Rhys down when someone suggested we dance to it during a catch up for my coaching training when he was only a couple of weeks old. And it still brings both of us joy.

Is there a song that would lift you up today? Maybe to listen or dance to. Or perhaps it’s something you want to play or sing. I challenge you to give yourself a few minutes to really soak it up.

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