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Movement – Day 5 of Self Care for Pregnant and New Parents

We all know that being active is great for our emotional and physical wellbeing. Although it can sometimes feel difficult to get moving – especially if we’re already feeling tired when it’s cold, dark and wet outside. If we have a lot of extra activities scheduled, it might be even trickier.

Even if it feels challenging, find some way to move today. It could be going for a walk, running, dancing around the kitchen, going to the gym, hula hooping or whatever other activity floats your boat.

If you’re struggling for time or space, see if you can find just 5 minutes to move. Involve your baby or children if childcare is a barrier. Notice how your mind and body feel before and after.

If movement is already a regular part of your day, see if you can find another way to move that supports you to feel as joyful as possible.

Today, we’re going to bring back our family dance party. This is our weekly ritual that has fallen by the wayside recently. We all feel so much lighter and happier afterwards. (Today’s photo is from the summer but is a pretty good representation of our dance parties.)

I danced throughout my pregnancy and it has been one of my son’s favourite activities since he was born. I feel that Dancing for Birth™ classes played a big part in that.

How are you going to move today and bring more joy into your life?



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