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Give – Day 13 of Self Care for Pregnant and New Parents

Tis the season for giving which is great as doing things for others can make us feel happier and boost our self esteem.

The giving that I’m referring to is giving that feels in alignment with our boundaries. That is, when we give in a way that feels good to us.

What we choose to give will be different for all of us. Although some examples might include offering to make someone a cup of tea, doing a favour for a friend, picking up items to donate to a local food bank or volunteering.

That is why I offered our lucky winner a one hour online coaching session with me in January 2023 for signing up to our monthly newsletter at and liking or following You HAVE Got This on Facebook or Instagram. They then shared their favourite self care tip or activity in the comments below the posts to give others the gift of inspiration.

I’m so excited to coach the winner as I love coaching and the difference it can make in our lives! I am also really looking forward to sharing this gift with you!

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