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Enjoy parenting

I help busy parents who want to find more balance to enjoy parenting, their work and their lives.

You don't choose parenting to make yourself miserable. But parenting can be hard.

Parenting can feel hard for lots of different reasons. Sometimes it's lack of sleep or having too much to do.

Balancing everything can feel particularly challenging if you are working or running your own business


The pressures of work or having your own business can leave you feeling stressed and overstretched. You can often feel like you are running yourself ragged. 

You might not feel like you have enough support. You could be wondering where your "village" is...

It can feel hard to ask for help. When you reach out for support, you may get unhelpful advice or reminders of what you should be grateful for.

As a parent, you don't often have space to express your feelings so they can get bottled up inside. As a result, you struggle to have patience at home. Sometimes you end up shouting at your child or partner which makes you feel guilty and sad. 

You might find it hard to see your way out of the cycle of stress, exhaustion and guilt.

These experiences can sometimes leave you feeling on edge or filled with rage. You might find that you cry for no reason or that you don't feel much at all.

You might feel that you need to put on a brave face for the rest of the world. You take on tasks even when you don't have time or need rest. 


And you might feel under pressure to do everything to a very high standard. 

You can feel stuck here - feeling tense, counting the minutes until bed time and freaking out about the never ending to do list. 

I will support you to break this cycle in a way that works for you.

I can help you to: 

  • Get the support you need  

  • Feel calmer and more able to handle the challenges of parenting with a busy schedule

  • Feel like your to-do list is more manageable

  • Be the connected, engaged parent that you want to be

  • Have more fun with your kids 

  • Make guilt-free space for rest

  • Feel confident as a parent

  • Improve your work-life balance

I would love to support you and your family to live the life you want. Visit the link below to learn more about how I can help.

Reclaim yourself this spring! 

Join us to recharge and make a plan to get your needs met

Retreat in Kirkcaldy on Saturday 23 March from 1-4pm


Edinburgh date is being rescheduled

Retreats for Mums

Meet Amanda

You HAVE Got This is the phrase I say most frequently when working with people - especially parents. I believe that parents are capable. Even when parenting and having a busy life feels hard. 

I am also a mum who has been building a business while working part time. I understand how parenting and the pressures of the never ending to-do list can feel like it's all too much. 


I have supported myself using the skills and knowledge that I've gained working in mental health services, supporting parents, studying psychology and life coaching. 

In my work, I share what I have learned and support you using an approach that is tailored to your unique situation. 


What I Specialize In

Personalised support for you

Trauma informed approach 

Providing a safe, confidential space

Believing in your abilities

Using an approach based on best practice


You HAVE got this

Even when you feel

like you don’t

"Amanda is a knowledgeable & compassionate professional who genuinely cares about your wellbeing. She immediately put me at ease which was crucial in helping me open up about my struggles as a new parent."
"I am so grateful for the rewind sessions with Amanda. Amanda is incredibly supportive and her kindness and mindful presence made it easy for me to dive deep and find out what emotions and thoughts around the birth of my son I needed to release and how to re-write them."
"Working with Amanda gave me the encouragement and support I needed to come to terms with my birth experience. This eventually gave me the confidence to have a debrief meeting with a consultant & midwife, which, for me, provided a forum to be listened to and get my questions answered. Amanda’s continued support was invaluable in this process."

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