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Spend Time in Nature – Day 16 of Self Care for Pregnant and New Parents

This photo was taken on a local walk with a friend in early December. We had a lovely, peaceful time watching the herons and the waves.

Spending time in nature is great for lifting our mood and helping us to feel more calm and relaxed.

This week, Fife has looked like a frosted scene from a Christmas card. But I’ve not managed to spend loads of time outside as it’s been rather cold for a baby.

Today, I’m going to get out and spend a little time enjoying nature and being outside. At least for a few minutes.

You might be thinking that’s all well and good if you live in a place where it’s easy to access nature. If you are in a city, I challenge you to stop and notice any trees, bushes, birds or other signs of nature in your local area.

A few years ago, I worked in an area of Edinburgh where there was a lot of concrete. I started to enjoy my lunch time walk a lot more once I actively started to notice the trees on the route that I walked and their leaves blowing in the wind. Afterwards, I would return to the office feeling calmer and refreshed.

Wherever you are today, I challenge you to notice the colours and signs of nature around you. Listen for any sounds like the wind rustling leaves, birds calling or water running. Become aware of the feeling of the elements (wind, rain, the warmth of the sun or the support of the ground). And notice any natural smells. Drink it all in. And breathe.

Then notice how you feel after taking a few minutes to really immerse yourself in the natural world around you.

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