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Do Something Creative – Day 10 of Self Care for Pregnant and New Parents

Being creative can make us feel good, improve our wellbeing and give us a sense of achievement. Some creative activities have even been reported to sharpen our minds, improve our motor skills and boost our immune system.

As if that’s not enough, it can be really fun too.(Apart from when you poke yourself with a felting needle.)

I recently went to a felting workshop which made me crave more creativity in my life. I felt so wonderful after a couple of luxurious hours of making things and playing with materials. Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to paint a Christmas plate with my son’s hand and footprints.

I love how these creative moments help me focus on the present moment. And I’m looking forward to my wee boy being a bit bigger so he can join in.

Today, I challenge you to do something creative too. Maybe it’s writing a poem, drawing a picture, finger painting, knitting, decorating your Christmas tree, taking a photo, playing some music or doing something else that brings you joy. Perhaps it’s something for your wee one who’s on the way.

You may be an accomplished artist or you may be like me – an enthusiastic amateur who enjoys the process. Many of us hold ourselves back from creating as we fear we’re not “good enough” or we don’t have the skills to make our thing look or sound as good as someone else’s thing that’s similar.

If you find yourself starting to worry about making something “perfect”, try to lean into the process and the joy of creating rather than the outcome. Have fun and just get in there – much like a child would. I loved arts and crafts as a kid and shied away from the joy of making things for years as an adult because I judged what I was creating. Last year, I made my son a mobile while I was pregnant which I’m immensely proud of – even if the stitching reminds me of Frankenstein’s monster.

Whatever you do, I would love to see your photos in the comments of this Facebook post.

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