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Noticing What You Eat and Drink (And How it Makes You Feel) – Day 7 of Self Care for Parents

This is not about guilting yourself or labelling food or drinks as good or bad. I want you to think about what you have been eating and drinking and how it makes you feel in your body and emotionally.

Maybe you have been eating food that makes you feel incredible. Celebrate that and keep going!

However, you may find that what you have been eating hasn’t been making you feel good. Maybe you’ve been having too much sugar, not enough vegetables, too much processed food or something that you like the taste of that you know really doesn’t agree with you.

Perhaps you’re jittery from too much caffeine or feeling draggy after a few glasses of wine.

My son hasn’t been sleeping as well for the last few weeks and I’ve slid into eating more sweet things (which is apparently linked to a lack of sleep). With the craving for sweets and Christmas treats floating about, I’m starting to feel a bit over sugared and icky as I’ve veered beyond eating sugar in moderation. So, I’m going to start limiting my sugar and try to save sweet treats for the weekend (unless I’m offered something extra extra special – like a homemade mince pie).

Is there a tweak you can make to what you’re eating or drinking to help you feel better emotionally and physically? And show yourself compassion if you find that you’re giving yourself a hard time for what you have been eating or drinking.



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