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Welcome to You HAVE Got This!

30 November 2022

I’m so excited to launch You HAVE Got This! It’s been a rollercoaster ride to get here with the help of my lovely and very lively 11 month old.

There have been a few unexpected delays as chicken pox descended on our home last week. Fortunately, my wee one is feeling much better. Although, as if on cue, he’s woken up whenever I get to a crucial point in working on this site. This is the second attempt at this post.

How is this perfect? I can no longer agonise over every word I’ve written. I need to trust that the website is good enough and that there will be chances to make any changes later.

My son has been my greatest teacher in terms of learning to let go, trust in myself and feel safe knowing that things will turn out okay. Trusting in myself has been a particular challenge for me while setting up this business and coaching has really helped me on this journey to believing in myself.

That is why I want to share the tools that have helped me most on my journey to parenthood with you. From January, I will be offering transformational coaching, TBR 3 Step Rewind to help with recovery from distressing or traumatic reproductive experiences and Dancing for Birth™ classes.

Self Care Advent Calendar

In the mean time, I am very aware that sometimes juggling parenting and the rest of life can feel pretty overwhelming. Especially in the run up to Christmas which can also be a difficult time of year for many people. And that we can struggle to parent in the way that we want when we feel overwhelmed.

That is why I’ll be sharing my self care advent calendar with you. I would like to challenge you to engage in a small (or large) act of self care every day in the build up to December 25th.

I also want you to trust your gut. If one of my self care activities isn’t right for you, that’s perfect. You will know best what you need that day and I encourage you to honour that!



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