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Free masterclass information and newsletter changes inside

Inside this newsletter:

  • Changes to the newsletter – including subscriber only offers

  • FREE New Masterclass

  • New bonus for subscribers


Changes to the newsletter

So, a few changes are happening with the You HAVE Got This newsletter this month. (I’m sending this one early as I wanted to tell you about my free masterclass later this week).

The main change to the newsletter is that I’ll be moving towards sending out shorter weekly newsletters so that I can offer you regular support throughout the month. This is because I’m finding regular tips and reminders really helpful as I work on feeling calm and confident about putting myself out there as I grow You HAVE Got This. And I want to share this same benefit with you.

If we want to get better results when making changes in our lives, it can be helpful to have consistent reminders to keep doing the things that will help us get there.

Right now, I’m working on healing and confidence building that will help me to keep sharing information about the support available through You HAVE Got This. This work also supports me to show up powerfully for everyone I’m working with and for my son. AND regular reminders of why I’m doing this work and what will help me is really important.

What change do you want to make right now? It might be specific to parenting or it could be related to something else. Either way, I’m a firm believer that if we benefit from the changes we’re making, everyone around us will too. This includes our children as every time we heal or become more confident, we bring this into our parenting. And it helps us to enjoy (or even love) parenting.

I realise this idea of enjoying or loving parenting may feel like a struggle for some parents with very small children, especially if you’ve experienced trauma or other challenges on your journey to parenthood. But, if this is you, I want to plant this seed of possibility. And ask you what life would be like if you could enjoy parenting even a bit more? What would help you to do this?

Please let me know if there are any reminders that will help you work towards what you want.

Offers for Subscribers

From this month, I will also be only sending offers only to my newsletter subscribers as a thank you for joining me in this space. If you want to hear more, you can sign up for the newsletter on the homepage.

Upcoming Free Masterclass

I’m also offering support for parents who have experienced perinatal trauma through my free new masterclass – Take Your Life Back: Recovery After Trauma for Parents.

This workshop is running this week on Thursday 29 June at 7pm (UK Time). A replay will be made available if you can’t make it at this time.

Sometimes the journey to becoming a parent isn’t as straightforward you had imagined and it can continue to affect your day to day life. This could have been because of a traumatic or distressing experience that happened on your fertility journey, during pregnancy or birth or after your baby was born.

This masterclass will help you to:

• Understand your trauma and become aware of how it’s affecting your current life choices.

• Learn techniques to help you feel more relaxed which will support you to cope when faced with reminders of what happened or life choices that terrify you (for example, becoming pregnant or having another baby).


New Bonus for Newsletter Subscribers

Finally, the other big news is that I’m changing my bonus for subscribers to the newsletter this month. When you subscribe to the newsletter, you can download 7 Tips for Coping with Perinatal Trauma Triggers.



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